Communications majors from Kennesaw State University listen to speakers at the USDA Summer Hispanic Association of Colleges and University and Tribal College interns during their orientation at USDA in Washington, D.C.

Leadership Opportunities

Women in agriculture have a powerful story to tell – one of stewardship, resilience, and leadership – from everywhere from the combine to the boardroom.  There are many opportunities to contribute your voice and experience to your field.  Through the Department of Agriculture, you can take advantage of several key opportunities, such as:

  • Electing responsible agricultural producers to Farm Service Agency (FSA) county committees is important to all farmers and ranchers. Committee members are a critical component of the day-to-day operations of FSA. They help deliver FSA farm programs at the local level and work to help FSA agricultural programs serve the needs of local producers.
  • Being a voice for your industry and shaping the future of agriculture by serving on a Research and Promotion Program Board. These programs, overseen by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, focus on research, marketing, and consumer outreach efforts that improve, maintain, and develop opportunities for agricultural commodities. Funded by industry assessments, the programs allow stakeholders across an industry to pool their expertise and resources. Research and Promotion programs are run by a board or council whose members are nominated by the industry and then appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. There are 22 national boards serving a variety of commodity industries, from eggs to soybeans, lumber to lamb.
  • Serving on one of a number of USDA's Federal Advisory Committees that advise on a variety of issues ranging from emerging markets to animal health. These committees play an important role in shaping programs and policies of the government and the department. USDA is continuously seeking nominations for all advisory committees. Opportunities to serve are routinely available as the term of each member expires.