Ramona Minisee, wife of Wilbur Minisee of Cassopolis, Michigan helps out driving the tractor with baler that harvests hay in August 1978

Get Connected

The USDA Women in Agriculture Mentoring Network is a way to connect, share stories, and share experiences with fellow women in agriculture. The goal is to promote the image, role, and leadership of women not only on the farm, but leading youth organizations, conducting cutting edge research at universities across the country, in the boardrooms of global corporations—the list goes on and on! Join the network by emailing us at AgWomenLead@osec.usda.gov and let us know how you would like to connect.

After joining the network, you will have access to our monthly newsletter where we feature profiles of women in agriculture, and share information on upcoming news or conferences. In addition to the newsletter, we will hold a quarterly engagement call where you will hear from influential voices working to make agriculture stronger and more diverse. We also invite you to follow the current conversation about women in agriculture by searching #womeninag on your social media channels.


Follow the Conversation

To help women in the United States connect with other women leaders in agriculture all across the country, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has established a Women in Ag mentoring network. 

Follow what's going on with Women in Ag on Storify or Twitter by joining the discussion using #womeninag


Start the Conversation

Are you looking for mentorship opportunities – or do you have an ability to mentor other women in ag?  Check out the Women in Ag Roundtable Toolkit, a guide to hosting your own event. Whether a small gathering around your coffee table or a large seminar, this toolkit offers suggestions and guidance for a productive and inspiring conversation. After hosting your event, take a picture or tweet about your discussion using #womeninag to share your community’s story.

Women in Ag Roundtable Toolkit: PDF iconusda_women_in_ag_roundtable_toolkit.pdf