Temiloluwa Salako, a Cultivar with RootDownLA, showing off a grain plant called amaranth that is growing in one of the program’s community gardens.

Who are Young Farmers?

Who is a new farmer? New farmers and ranchers can be young or old, interested in emerging agricultural technology or making things grow. Some new farmers are young people growing their responsibilities within family businesses, but many come from non-farming backgrounds and are learning about a whole new world. New farmers are everywhere.

You might be surprised at some of the locations and environments where farms are springing up across the country—from North Dakota to New York City—even inside city limits where creative urban farmers are making food happen!

Where are the new farmers near you? Who is growing your food? If you were going to start a farm, what would it look like? Join the conversation using #newfarmers!


Be safe while on farms!

Stories of Technology in Agriculture
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